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Our rental equipment is new and of course regularly maintained and controlled. You will not find uniform diving equipment in the center, but rather with many different brands and models, we try to provide you with the equipment that suits you best or meets your personal preferences.

Over the whole year, the water temperatures of Majorca range from a minimum of 14 up to maximum 28 degrees, so of course we offer you neoprene suits of any size and strength, even for children or divers who do not fit in the standard sizes.
No one should freeze in water sports, to ensure this, ice vests, neoprene underpants, hoods, gloves, neoprene socks and shoes are included in our rental range (free of extra charge).
In order to avoid any hygiene concerns for our guests, the equipment such as regulators, masks, snorkels, neoprene socks and shoes are not only rinsed with fresh water after each use, but also disinfected and then subjected to a respective special cleaning.

In a separate room from the guest area we fill our tanks with a new (built in 2017)
PE-MVE 250 Silent compressor by the
Company Bauer.
As a diver you always have to trust that the scuba tanks will be filled with flawless air, we have opted for Bauer's "Pure Air" version, which ensures constant compliance with the air quality standards.
A clear signal to our divers that we take your safety seriously. After the test period of one year prescribed by Bauer it will be awarded by the coveted "Pure Air" certificate.
A special safety filling device provides additional protection in case of a scuba tank would burst.