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„Licencia de Buceo“:
All divers at Mallorca need it!
Please have your Logbook and medical ready! 
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  Important Infomation!  

To dive on Mallorca every diver needs a "Licencia de Buceo" (decompression chamber fee, no "diving lincence"!) of the PDIA which he will receive from us. It is valid for one year. You can do it by yourself with your own insurance. Our  includes the 24-hour stand-by of the decompression chamber and the first aid.(Price only 24-hour service 10.- Euro each year)

It includes the 24-hour stand-by of the decompression chamber and the first aid.
There for we need: 
1. Logbook and Divecard
2. Copy of a medical certificate signed by the doctor (not older than 2 years, not older than 1 year for children or if you    are older than 40 .) You can make our work easier and save money when you already have the certificate when you arrive here!

What is PDIA and why is it important?
Diving has its pleasures! It is a thing that not only legitimated dive centres know but also so-called "pirates". With them your diving experience can quickly become an unlovely experience. 

An "official" diving centre has to have a permission as a "Centro de Buceo"  of the Balearic Government. For this permission a state-approved diving instructors certificate, a state-approved compressor (air quality!) and a for the passenger transportation approved boat as well was a registered crew is required.

Additionally a contract with a decompression chamber for the first aid is required. An insurance for meeting the costs is also needed. Otherwise the casualty will have to pay the treatment expenses on its own which can quickly reach 5.000 Euro and more.

This quality insurance is regulated by law since late 1998. 
All diving centres of the "Associacion Profesional de Instructores para Centros Turisticos de Buceo de la Comunidad Autonoma Balear" - in short PDIA - does not only meet all regulations but:
the professional organisation of the diving centres  possesses their own decompression chamber.
La Morena is associated with the PDIA and therefore our name stands for safety and quality.

Already assured guests as VDST / DAN etc. only pay the cost of "providing DEKO-chamber". (Currently 10 euros)