Speedboat-Tour and Snorkeling
Nature parc "Cala Mondrago"
or Private Cove "Cala Mitjana"

Our special: Pirates cave

Snorkel tour to a bay with lots of fish with our Offshore-Speedboat. Totel time 1 1/2 hours Price:25€

- dive instructor assistance
- mask, fins, snorkel inclusive
- neopren suit to hire 5€ 

Speedboat-Tour with cliff diving. Cala Mondrago or
 Cala Mitjana total time 2 hours. Price: 30€
included Neopren shoes for Cliffdiving                                   
- cliff diving from different heights
- snorkeling is also possible
- neopren suit to hire 5€
- total time  - 2 hours

Booking only: Please come to the divecenter two days before or call :0034/6298813

Snorkel tour into the Pirate's Cave every Friday at 13 30 o clock till 17 00 o clock.
Price: 69 € incl. all Euipment. 

 (NO dive) 
Once a week you can attend a half-day-trip to the Pirate's Cave. It is a 7,5km long and only from the seaside accessible spectacular stalagtite cave. Snorkeling in crystal clear freshwater lakes will be an unforgetable experience and unique adventure.
All Trips are starting from Cala Gran.